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Membership Application

When you join APICS, you are making the choice to be part of a community of professionals that is committed to excellence and career advancement. APICS membership provides the resources you need to excel in the supply chain and operations management profession.  Join APICS today!


APICS professional membership: If you are a working professional in all areas of operations or supply chain management, select this membership.


APICS academic professional membership: Do you have a career in education or research? This package is tailored to meet your needs.


APICS international professional membership: Choose this option if you work in operations or supply chain management, but currently reside outside North America and would like all of the benefits the professional membership offers.


APICS international e-membership: If you reside outside of North America and want to take advantage of all that APICS has to offer in an APICS electronic resources format, go green! This is the best option for you.


APICS young professional membership: Just getting started on your career in operations and supply chain management? This membership is just right for you.


APICS student membership: If you are still earning your degree and want the ability to network with thousands of other APICS student members, this option is your best choice.


When joining make sure you specify in the "Partner Affiliation" field that you are joining the Birmingham Chapter.





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